VICTORY! Latvia bans wild animals in circuses

11 Jul 2017

On June 28, the Saeima (Parliament of the Republic of Latvia) in the third and final reading adopted the amendments to the Animal Protection Law, which stipulate a complete ban on using wild animals on circus shows. The ban will come into force this month. Thus the 3 years long campaign “For a humane circus” has concluded with a victory, and all this happened after more than 50 protests, wide media coverage, intense work with state institutions and cooperation NGOs. “Dzīvnieku Brīvība” is grateful to each person who contributed to this great and significant victory for animals!
“We are proud of those numerous people who supported the campaign, of those who persistently worked on drafting the amendments and making them pass through state institutions and commissions. And also of those media channels, officials and politicians who did not allow this question to disappear from the agenda. Personally, I am very glad that we have so much to be proud of besides this great success,” Aivars Andersons, chair of the Board of “Dzīvnieku Brīvība” comments on this achievement. “This is not only a fight for animals’ rights in circus – this is a fight for ourselves, our right to define the future of our lives, our culture, and state. Today’s victory doesn’t go only to animals, but also to the entire Latvian society. It gives hope in humanity and strengthens the belief that the civil society will be able to influence state policies also in future.”