olu cena
In September 2016, animal rights activists documented the living conditions of egg laying chickens in the farms of Balticovo, Latvia’s and Northern Europe’s largest egg manufacturer, whose chickens lay eggs in cages.

The other side of fur

In autumn 2012 the results of the review of animal welfare conditions were registered in six Latvian fur farms, showing that in all of them the animals were subject to unsuitable living conditions. Breeding of fur animals is unethical and cruel industry, the age of which has already passed in the civilized world, therefore "Freedom of Animals" together with other animal protection organizations and a large part of society stands for its closure in Latvia.
Humane circus

The use of animals in circus is an outdated and unacceptable practice. Such circus distorts our conception of the true nature of animals, predestines its animals to unnatural and miserable life and degrades human respect for animals. We welcome a contemporary circus art in Latvia, but not a barbaric humiliation of animals.