“Dzīvnieku brīvība” (Animal Freedom) is a non-profit animal advocacy organisation in Latvia that works to end animal suffering in industrial agriculture, fur farming and entertainment industry. Our view is that a respect for animals as sentient beings is incompatible with the fact that they are being used like objects and are being killed for groundless and trivial reasons.

Objectives of our organisation:

  • to lessen the use/exploitation of animals in all spheres of human activity;
  • to promote a rationally ethical attitude in society in its attitude towards all animal species, promoting an understanding of animal rights, and providing information about the conditions and consequences of animal exploitation;
  • to motivate people to become vegan, providing information about the needlessness of animal exploitation and information on alternatives to products derived from animals;
  • to increase understanding about the health risks and environmental impact of the use of animal-derived products.
The organisation:
  • organises educational events;
  • organises campaigns to attract public attention and increase public understanding;
  • takes part in open discussions about subjects directly or indirectly related to the exploitation of animals;
  • co-operates with the media and state institutions.
If you wish to know how to be of assistance, please see the "How to help” page. If you don’t have time to take part personally, please consider supporting our work with a donation.
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 Phone: +371 25154601


Have faith that, with persistence, great things can be achieved by even a small group of determined and informed people. Together we can!